Trash to Nature Treasure

I love finding things that people would usually toss in the garbage and bringing them back to life. Today’s mini garden is just that, plants that I found people tossing, a little statue I found at our local reuse center, a cooking dish that a friend was going to throw away. close up bodyYou can find tons of things people want to get rid of on Craig’s List and Freecycle.

It all came together in this little work of art. It now sits on a table, filled with sand, in our living room, but it might just become a Facebook give-a-way this Spring. Like us here to be entered to win!Bodysucculent

It kinda reminds me of the STARZ show Spartacus. That tanned, sculpted body, glistening in the… Oh, wait I digress.

Anyway,  I normally have a pile of things “that can be something”, as my Mom used to say, around the house, and yard. Not hording by any means as I share more stuff that I find and make then I keep, but it’s always inspiring to walk around in the “things that can be something” and getting that pop that says “I GOT IT”, I can make this into a…

Growing up on a farm you get used to figuring out new uses for things that you would normally just think to throw away. Sometimes that can be a curse, sometimes you surprise yourself and make something really cool.

This mini garden has bromeliads and succulents in it, it’s filled with sand and dirt I found in the back yard, so the total cost for this project is a big fat $0! Yeah, something new and pretty for nothing.         Gotta love that! succulent close up

What magic “things” do you have around your house that you could make into something new. Everything we keep out of the landfill is a really, really, good thing.

I’d love to see what you come up with. Share it with us here or on our Facebook page.



succulent container

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