The Best Vitamin for Making Friends is…

Its Monday, time to take care of your body, mind & spirit as you start your week. Be your own friend!

The holidays can be a time of great stress. During the holiday season many people spend time reflecting on their lives, thinking about family and friends, and find the whole thing really stressful.

Creating joy for yourself will create joy for others. Find the core meaning of the holiday season and what it means for you. Is it a time of rest? Or maybe this is a very religious time of year. Maybe you just like the pretty twinkle lights and the festive mood.

Whatever it means for you, create something beautiful that you enjoy and love- don’t let the pressures of society change the love you have in your individual heart. Nurture your spirit by spending time with friends, family or alone if that is what makes you happy.

My point is that we all need to give ourselves the special gift of individual restoration. Think about what you want this time of the year to mean to you and then give yourself permission to create that in reality. Be your own best friend.

We all need peace & joy in life to be in touch with the beauty that surrounds us and to appreciate what the planet gives us on a daily basis. Taking care of yourself will inspire you to take care of the planet. If we don’t care for ourselves how can we care for others?

So the best vitamin for making friends is B1, this holiday season be a friend to yourself first, and then share that incredible gift with others.

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