Repurpose Your Shoes Win a Garden-BFF Shoe Drive 2015

BFF is holding a shoe drive to raise the funds needed to keep the Brighter Future Foundation running. All the shoes collected are placed into micro enterprise programs in under-developed countries. People with little to no income come to one of the micro enterprise hubs and go through a free training program on how to own and operate a small business.

They are provide with an assortment of shoes at no cost, which they take into their local marketplace and begin to sell. They are now developing an income so they can come back and purchase their second set of shoes at a very low cost. We are helping these people gain self-sustainability, and keeping shoes out of landfills. In addition, we raise funds to continue our planting and education programs.

Shoes are delivered to the following areas: Haiti, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Columbia, Peru, Chile. Morocco, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Tanzania, Mwambashi, Botswana, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Pakistan, India, and the Philipines.

We are running an incentive contest for shoe collections. You, your school, or any organization can participate. Collect the following numbers and receive a butterfly garden installed:

100 pairs                  = Butterfly Container Garden
300 pairs                 = 4×4 Butterfly Garden
1,000 pairs              = 4×6 Butterfly Garden & Solar Water Feature
5,000 pairs              = 8×10 Butterfly Garden & Solar Water feature

All of the organizations that assist us will receive credit for their valuable contribution via our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Blog accounts.

Thank you for helping others and the environment, every action, every step in the right direction is a powerful change for our culture and planet.

Have a great day!


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