Plant a tree

Brighter Future Foundation received a grant from the National Wildlife Federation for 3,000 trees. We are planting trees that are native to our area and that will increase the biodiversity of our community. Trees will help feed migrating wildlife like birds,  butterflies, and many others.

Planting trees cleans the air, gives you shade from the powerful rays of the sun, it gives animals a place to rest and raise their young, trees hold the soil in place and help prevent erosion. Trees are so diverse in shapes and sizes, they can make the landscape come alive.

We need trees more than ever. BFF’s goal for 2014 was to plant 1,000 trees. Now, with this first grant we have achieved our goal and then some. We are so excited that we are going for even more. Planting a tree gives so much to your environment. Do you have lots of trees planted in your area? If not, maybe you can start planting some and enjoy all a tree has to offer.


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