My poo makes for a great tomato!

Most people don’t like to talk about poo, but Gizmo sure does. Little bunny poo poo.

He poos all day long and the plants in his garden love, love, love it! There is no doubt he has the force when it comes to good poo.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all poo is good poo. Take dogs, cats, and of course humans… not good garden poo!

Stay away from carnivores and omnivores, they have bacteria that can be harmful from the things they eat.  Can you say gross!

Panda Garden 980x520

But a rabbit has a special kind of poo, just like chickens, cows, goats, sheep, horses and so on. Stick to animals that like to eat hay, grass and other herbs. I think you get the idea, many animals in the herbivore family.

Bunny Buffet

Always check twice and confirm which poo is the right kind of poo before spreading it around your garden.

Its better to let it compost first, but Gizmo and I have a system. He poos in one corner, its a rabbit thing, and then when he is ready he moves to the next corner. Its very clean and the plant growth is incredible!

Plant for yourself and your furry friends.


You can find composted poo at the big box stores, or you can purchase some from a local Zoo, or you can make your own by having a family rabbit or two (always spay and neuter first).

This time of year is a great time to rescue a rabbit, or two, in need of a good forever home.

Volunteer for animals

Rabbits do have lots of personality and are the most truthful animal I’ve ever met. They will no doubt make you zen if you take the time to observe and interact with them. It takes a certain type of person to love a rabbit, are you one?

Once a year water mellon festival

Rabbits are not the pet for everyone. It takes time to learn about bunny care, but it is so worth it! Rabbits live an average life span of 5-8 years depending on the breed. Some can live to be 14.

The hugs, kisses and belly laughs they share with you are a huge gift. Won’t you give them the gift of a forever home this holiday.

May the Force be with you!

S & Gizmo

Afternoon snack time

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