Want a beautiful yard? Get a Landscape Consultation!

Brighter Future Foundation has a created a new program called Landscape Consultation. For a small fee two of our team members with extensive plant knowledge and experience, as well as design and aesthetic skills, will come to your location look around at the plants you already have growing and then suggest a design that will fit your budget as well as your layout.

The fee includes a PDF with the basic layout of the existing plants (relocated if necessary) as well as a list of additional plants that will create a lush, appealing garden that supplies food, shelter, and a place to raise young for pollinators and wildlife.

There are two options…

Option 1РConsultation and emailed PDF (2 week turnaround), you purchase and install the plants.  Total cost for consultation= $250

Option 2– Consultation and emailed PDF (2 week turnaround), BFF purchases the plants and installs them with your assistance, teaching you the best practices for planting, watering, and maintenance. Total cost for consultation= $250, plus cost of plants, and additional labor if needed (estimate provided prior to service)

All fees help support the Brighter Future Foundation and its programming.

Consultations are only done on Saturday mornings between 8am-Noon.

Installations are only done on Sundays from 8-Noon.

This service is limited to Broward County Florida only. Miami Dade & West Palm Beach will incur additional travel fees of $1/mile, plus a gas fee.

To schedule an appointment please contact us here.

We look forward to making your space greener and beautiful!

*Please note the consultation is for one area no larger than 1,ooo square feet. Larger areas will incur additional costs.

*Please note we are not a Landscape Architect, if you are looking for hardscape features please contact a Landscape Architect.

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