Kind Kamp Artist Spotlight-Visual Artist Larry Joe Miller

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During Kind Kamp 2015 we brought in various artists to share their love of nature via their artistic discipline.

Today’s featured artist is Larry Joe Miller, a painter, wood carver, and musician. Larry Joe taught the Kind Kamp kids about plant morphology and anatomy by painting those structures on canvas with acrylic paints.


The basic concept was prepared on each canvas for the students before the class and then step by step Larry Joe showed them how to fill in the art piece as Master Gardeners, Stephanie Montalvo & Adam Pitcher discussed the parts of the plant and their importance.

The students asked great questions about photosynthesis (the process of synthesizing foods from carbon dioxide and water), why leaves are important (they are essential in photosynthesis), and how they can plant more in their garden to help the planet.

There were some beautiful and very creative works of art completed by the students. Each child took their art home to remind them of what they learned and the experience they shared with Larry Joe and the rest of the Kind Kamp team.

Great job Larry Joe Miller! (Link connects you to a discount on classes)

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