Kind Kamp- June 8-26, 2015

Kind Kamp starts this year. We have 125 children participating in Kind Kamp, all for free, thanks to a generous grant from the City of Hollywood.

The kids will learn how a plant grows, how to plant a garden, how to help feed wildlife and care for domestic animals. All the children will practice what they learn from various theatrical performances with the help of Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists, and many other experts in their field. The children will lock in this new knowledge by creating their own art in the form of paintings, dance performances, and participation in planting a garden.

BFF believes in hands-on learning. We listen, see, and do together! Then, we ask the children to teach what they learned to their family and friends. Upon the conclusion of Kind Kamp we have a get together event picnic where the kids can invite all to see their art work, talk about what they learned, experience the garden with their family and enjoy delicious foods from local farmers markets.

If you would like to bring a Kind Kamp to your camp, school, or organization please contact us.

Be kind to people, animals, and the planet. Learn how at Kind Kamp!

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