Going Bananas

Are you going bananas? Do you have too much to do? Not enough time in the day? Is your body tired and soar? Take a second to take care of you! Have a banana.

I too was overwhelmed this week. I needed a break. So I took a little garden tour in my backyard to see how the bananas were doing. Suddenly, all was well with the world again. Nature is truly amazing!banana

Today’s feature is our Dwarf Cavendish Banana. They do best in moist, wet, high nutrient soil, but some people do try to grow them indoors, to what level of success I’m not sure.

They are a tasty treat and I love watching them grow. It’s such a weird looking fruit, but they are so good for you.

Bananas are really easy to grow and are perfect for your tropical food forest. Kids love bananas, so do rabbits.

We once had a bunny who’s back would twitch when she ate bananas, that’s how much she liked them. They were a once in a while special treat. Sorta like me and chocolate cake, my back is twitching now.

Bananas are such a versatile fruit. You can make smoothies, pancakes, muffins, fry them, bake them, and who can forget banana bread. Oh, that lovely, tasty banana bread. Cue stomach growl.

IMG_2465As with most fruits, weather does affect them. So far so good with the current cold snap. The bananas took in lots of sun today and are going strong. You never know how the cold will effect tropical fruits.

A few days ago farmers across Florida stayed up watching the temperatures trying to save their crops. There was very little damage which is great!

I can’t decide what to make with all these bananas. I’m off to Pinterest to get inspired. Check out all of our boards for loads of inspiration!

When bananas go on sale buy a lot of them and freeze them for smoothies or to use at another time. Bananas are a healthy snack and have so many powerful health benefits, check them out!

I’m happy to say I’m going bananas!



A cute little Crab Spider guarding the bananas.

A cute little Crab Spider guarding the bananas.



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