Eat, Buy and Recycle Local Produce – Help the Planet and Our Community

There are several benefits to eating local produce. Fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies are delicious and they require less packaging and shorter transportation, which means fewer greenhouse gas emissions. You are also supporting our local farmers and farmers markets, which is good for our local economy.

There are some great local farms, like Scooby’s Organic Farm in Davie, where you can purchase a weekly food share and visit the farm for fresh goat’s milk, eggs and veggies. Shop at a local farmer’s market like Eucalyptus Gardens in Wilton Manors for delicious, fresh products and have lunch and an amazing coffee, too. Check out for more options in our area.

When you’ve finished making that fresh salad, compost your leftover bits and pieces. The number one biodegradable product we use every day is food. Food and yard scraps are biodegradable in home compost piles. The entire process usually takes a few weeks to a few months, depending on heat and moisture. Instead of leaves and food waste being sent to a landfill, you can recycle the nutrients back into your garden and landscaping.

By: Lara Kramer, Florida Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Habitat Steward, and Marine Biologist.

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