BFF’s mission is to make positive lasting changes. To see that society understands its role in the environment. For people to embrace the concept that nature is part of us on every level and we are part of it. We don’t want to put a band-aid on these issues, we want to tackle them head-on and make changes!

This is no small mission but we are creating changes and think we can do more. Let’s be honest, that requires funding…so we are asking for your investment. Notice that we are not asking for a donation to put on a band-aid on, we are asking you to invest in your future, the future of your children, the future of the planet itself!

BFF is dedicated to providing its participants with experiential learning adventures.  Our programs include ecological education, via the arts and sciences, humane animal care, and practices to enhance our environment, and our environmental awareness. We are striving to empower current and future generations to make lasting simple changes, especially youth and those from underserved communities.

We need you to invest and make changes that will not doubt benefit you and those your know and love.  BFF’s  empowering, inspiring, thought provoking  programs work. $1 per month is a great start. If you can give more, that’s fantastic, but a $1 per month is a wonderful beginning.

We don’t just talk, we put our money where our mouth is, and implement. We rescue animals, plant trees and plants wherever we can, recycle, and teach ecological literacy. BFF lives these concepts everyday. Nobody is perfect but striving to be far better is a great goal. Every $1 you give us goes to running the foundation and it’s programs. BFF is frugal, we value and adhere to the reduce, reuse, and recycle concepts.

We truly appreciate your help and investment and look forward to creating new leaders that effect positive change in our natural world, creating a Brighter Future for people, animals and the planet.
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