Need some loving? Here it is…

Are you tired? Overworked? Can’t find your mojo? Could you use a little lovin in your life? Nature has what you are looking for. Studies show that connecting with nature can reduce stress and calm the savage beast… Read More

Shop Eco-Friendly this Holiday Season

When shopping this holiday season please purchase gifts and items with the greatest of care and thought. Items that last for decades, biodegrade, or can be passed down to future generations. The goal is to create less waste… Read More

Want a beautiful yard? Get a Landscape Consultation!

Brighter Future Foundation has a created a new program called Landscape Consultation. For a small fee two of our team members with extensive plant knowledge and experience, as well as design and aesthetic skills, will come to your… Read More

Kind Kamp Artist Spotlight-Visual Artist Larry Joe Miller

Brighter Future Foundation, Kind Kamp, visual arts, artist

During Kind Kamp 2015 we brought in various artists to share their love of nature via their artistic discipline. Today’s featured artist is Larry Joe Miller, a painter, wood carver, and musician. Larry Joe taught the Kind Kamp… Read More

A great yard is as easy as…Planting by numbers!

Creating a yard filled with biodiversity is easy! You just need to add as many varieties of plants as possible. Choose at least 3 species of plants for your hedges, mix them up and create a work of… Read More

Its Mango Season!!!

It’s mango season and the food is falling from the sky! We’ve made mango fruit leather, mango jam, mango chutney, mango salsa, and it’s all so good. Want delicious food for your family? Plant a food forest in… Read More

I Love Nature! Want to know why?

It’s true, it’s true. I love nature! I love it because it’s logical…. It has rules that make sense. Nature recycles, nature reuses things, and most importantly it works together in tiny ways that add up to big… Read More

The Peruvian Apple Cactus or Pitya… how beautiful!

I love growing a garden that I can eat, and sometimes you have food right under your nose and don’t even know it. Like this little tasty treat, the Peruvian Apple Cactus. I’ve had them growing in a… Read More