Kind Kamp Winter 2016/2017

This holiday season let your kids experience nature hands on!

Kind Kamp is a Brighter Future Foundation program for students ages 8-14.

Kind Kamp shares science based information with students in an easy to digest format featuring theatrical presentations, visual arts, and hands on learning in an actual garden and with live animals.

To register and learn more see our Kind Kamp info page. 

See you in Kamp!

Get Your Thank You Trees!


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Need some loving? Here it is…

Are you tired? Overworked? Can’t find your mojo? Could you use a little lovin in your life?

Nature has what you are looking for.

Bring nature home to your yard and feel the healing begin.

Studies show that connecting with nature can reduce stress and calm the savage beast inside you.

Remember that En Vogue song “Free Your Mind” ….and the rest will follow. Well, its something like that.

Being in a calm relaxed state helps the body heal and stay healthy. A person with a centered mind, body and spirit is a pleasure to be around. They are more creative and more attractive.

Are you a pleasure to be around?

Let’s face it we are all under a lot of stress even if you don’t realize it. Environmental stress, food related stress, work stress, relationship stress and electromagnetic stress.

It all plays a part on your health and well being. When you are stressed you might not feel creative or intimate. Generally stress doesn’t make you feel so great.

Love on the other hand does. That is why getting out into nature, the place that supports your very existence, feels so darn good and loving.

Watch the tiny creatures.

To help you feel loved and connected go for a walk in a park or wooded area. Hug a tree and feel the calm power of nature.

Nature is incredibly creative and inspiring. It gives you life on a daily basis so of course its going to give you love when you need it.


Learning to slow down and connect with nature is so positive they should have it as a class in school. Hey, what a great idea. I would call it recess. A break from your regular activities and a chance to re-group and get centered.  Brillionaire idea if I do say so myself.

(Brillionaire = Brilliant & Million Dollar Idea combined)

Take a break today and come back to center.

You can also create a healing oasis in your backyard by planting plants and flowers native to your area. The soothing colors and vibrant energy will center you and bring you back to a relaxed state.

Imagine having a little spot to call your own that helps you relax and connect. Ah, the perfection of it.

Plant today, the future is in your hands.

Even having a few house plants can help you feel better. Plants like the Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata), also know as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue or Tiger Tail are great for cleaning indoor air. Clean air is less stress on the body and mind.

Not only do plants absorb carbon dioxide and give you clean oxygen in return. Some, like the Snake plant have been found to reduce benzene and formaldehyde which can often be found off gasing in everything from carpets to furniture. Less toxins = less stress.

So go for a walk today, plant a garden, or purchase an air cleaning plant. Give yourself a little of that nature love and come back to center. We are part of nature and to find our way inside it sets us right again.

Sending the love right at ya!



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