Bring a little magic into your year…

At the start of every year we make these grand plans…

“I’ll lose 20lbs”

“I’ll walk everyday”

“I will be nice to everybody, even the ones I don’t really like”

“I won’t eat any more sugar this year!”

Yeah, right! Why do we lie to ourselves? Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? Its ok to be human. Yes, its even ok not to like certain people sometimes.

Give yourself a tiny break and take the pressure off. You don’t have to be that image you created as the perfect person. Being real is actually really beautiful. Just look at nature, it can’t fake it, it just is.

So instead of these crazy goals what if we just gave ourselves one gift at the start of each year? One tiny wish, like to let more magic into our world.

This year my wish for all is to enjoy each day like we did as a small child, with wonder and excitement. To get back to that magical time when a butterfly was such a thrilling thing to see. To be in touch and aware of our surroundings and the magical signs being sent our way.

Beautiful butterflies

When you had an invisible best friend and could understand everything your animal friends thought and wanted.

In 2016 I hope we can all see the magic that is around us everyday. The little signs that tell us we are ok and that it will all work out.

I’ve called them “God Jokes” since I was a teenager. A God Joke is when you are feeling a certain way and then all of a sudden a truck rolls by with the exact thing written on it that you need to see or hear. It makes you giggle and think that there must be something more to this life and it makes you feel connected again.

I don’t know what the answer to the unknown is but sometimes just allowing a touch of magic, or being willing to allow all possibilities takes the pain out of the daily grind.

2015 had a lot of difficult aspects to it, for me at least. At first I was ready to write it off as a horrible year, but then looking back I could see there were some really cool sparks, some areas of growth that were very special and greatly appreciated. There was magic in 2015.

Sometimes, things aren’t always what they seem to be. Being open to a little magic can make your day brighter, and that might be all we need.

Here is wishing you, and all that touch your life, a bit of magic, happiness, and tons of healing for 2016 (and beyond)!

Happy New Year!


My poo makes for a great tomato!

Most people don’t like to talk about poo, but Gizmo sure does. Little bunny poo poo.

He poos all day long and the plants in his garden love, love, love it! There is no doubt he has the force when it comes to good poo.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all poo is good poo. Take dogs, cats, and of course humans… not good garden poo!

Stay away from carnivores and omnivores, they have bacteria that can be harmful from the things they eat.  Can you say gross!

Panda Garden 980x520

But a rabbit has a special kind of poo, just like chickens, cows, goats, sheep, horses and so on. Stick to animals that like to eat hay, grass and other herbs. I think you get the idea, many animals in the herbivore family.

Bunny Buffet

Always check twice and confirm which poo is the right kind of poo before spreading it around your garden.

Its better to let it compost first, but Gizmo and I have a system. He poos in one corner, its a rabbit thing, and then when he is ready he moves to the next corner. Its very clean and the plant growth is incredible!

Plant for yourself and your furry friends.


You can find composted poo at the big box stores, or you can purchase some from a local Zoo, or you can make your own by having a family rabbit or two (always spay and neuter first).

This time of year is a great time to rescue a rabbit, or two, in need of a good forever home.

Volunteer for animals

Rabbits do have lots of personality and are the most truthful animal I’ve ever met. They will no doubt make you zen if you take the time to observe and interact with them. It takes a certain type of person to love a rabbit, are you one?

Once a year water mellon festival

Rabbits are not the pet for everyone. It takes time to learn about bunny care, but it is so worth it! Rabbits live an average life span of 5-8 years depending on the breed. Some can live to be 14.

The hugs, kisses and belly laughs they share with you are a huge gift. Won’t you give them the gift of a forever home this holiday.

May the Force be with you!

S & Gizmo

Afternoon snack time

The Best Vitamin for Making Friends is…

Its Monday, time to take care of your body, mind & spirit as you start your week. Be your own friend!

The holidays can be a time of great stress. During the holiday season many people spend time reflecting on their lives, thinking about family and friends, and find the whole thing really stressful.

Creating joy for yourself will create joy for others. Find the core meaning of the holiday season and what it means for you. Is it a time of rest? Or maybe this is a very religious time of year. Maybe you just like the pretty twinkle lights and the festive mood.

Whatever it means for you, create something beautiful that you enjoy and love- don’t let the pressures of society change the love you have in your individual heart. Nurture your spirit by spending time with friends, family or alone if that is what makes you happy.

My point is that we all need to give ourselves the special gift of individual restoration. Think about what you want this time of the year to mean to you and then give yourself permission to create that in reality. Be your own best friend.

We all need peace & joy in life to be in touch with the beauty that surrounds us and to appreciate what the planet gives us on a daily basis. Taking care of yourself will inspire you to take care of the planet. If we don’t care for ourselves how can we care for others?

So the best vitamin for making friends is B1, this holiday season be a friend to yourself first, and then share that incredible gift with others.


Give yourself the give of rest with a little nap or some deep meditation today. Restore your spirit and connect with what you can’t see. Enjoy your day!

Shop Eco-Friendly this Holiday Season

BFF Amazon Holiday Support

When shopping this holiday season please purchase gifts and items with the greatest of care and thought. Items that last for decades, biodegrade, or can be passed down to future generations. The goal is to create less waste and enjoy your experience. Less stuff equals less stress.

While shopping please use this link to help support Brighter Future Foundation with its planting and educational programs.

Here are some ideas…

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We wish you a very happy holiday and a fantastic New Year!