Go camping in your yard

Want to go on a family camping trip, but you aren’t sure how the kids will like it? Try camping out in your backyard. The National Wildlife Federation wants to get 200,000 people camping in their backyards. What a great idea!

Have a BBQ, a sleep over, invite your friends, family and neighbors. This is a fantastic way to find nature in your own backyard, and create a deep appreciation for the natural world around you.

So head over to NWF and sign the pledge to camp out on June 28, 2014. For every person that signs up the NWF board of directors, and others, will donate $2. Please sign up and camp to help this fantastic organization with their conservation efforts.

Tell Senator Rubio…

Poor Senator Rubio just doesn’t understand  that we are making drastic changes to our ecosystems. Don’t call it climate change, call it pollution, either way we are making a mess of our environment. How can we change it?

Let’s start by getting everybody on the same page. Even if the earth is warming on it’s own, we are still making it very dirty. Who wants to live on a very dirty planet? Not me, do you? Why argue over something we can’t prove or disprove. Is the earth getting dirtier? Easy answer….YES! We see it on the beaches,  we smell it in the air, we see it in our waterways, and so on. So let’s focus on the real issue… waste and our incredible desire to make more of it daily.

Please take a second to tell Senator Rubio that we need to protect the environment, not because it’s getting hotter, but because it’s nasty to live in a nasty, dirty place.