Would you like to be happier? More creative? More connected?

Nature has the power to provide you with food and so much more.

We are inspired by nature daily.

Inspired creatively.

Inspired emotionally.

Inspired spiritually.

BFF was born to save! Save animals, save people from their detachment from nature, and hopefully in the process to save our planet’s amazing ecosystems.

We don’t want to solve symptoms, we want to figure out easy solutions to complex issues and make positive changes to society.

We want to inspire you!

The Brighter Future Foundation, or BFF, as we affectionately call it, was started in 2011.

Founder, Stephanie Montalvo, grew up on a small organic farm in South Jersey. She was taught how to raise organic vegetables, fruits, and grains as well as care for numerous types of animals from cats to chickens, dogs to goats, fish to frogs, and loved every minute of it.

After graduating from high school, Stephanie worked in the entertainment industry performing on stage, film, and television as a dancer, actress, singer, and model.

During her 20 plus years in the entertainment industry she never lost her love of nature, animals, and this incredible planet we all live on.

Fast forward to 2011, a local wildlife center was ending it’s domestic animal program. 11 rabbits were on the edge of being put down because they could not be placed in homes and would have to go to the very full Humane Society.

Rabbits are fantastic pets for an organic farmer and Stephanie was getting back to her roots after a car accident.

Her physical therapist recommended that she start pulling weeds in a garden because the motion of the weed pulling was similar to the exercises being done in physical therapy.

Requiring more knowledge, she became a Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Habitat Steward, and went back to school to study environmental science.

Stephanie was being healed by being connected once again to nature.

She saw an opportunity to bring together her need for physical exercise in the garden, and the incredible power of bunny poo for plants and soil.

A fantastic volunteer, Jerry, built a giant hutch and the 11 rabbits came to live with us in an agreement that they would live out their lives in sanctuary, never having to worry about food, shelter or a place to call home.

It was soon apparent that this could be a great way to teach others how to work with animals, like rabbits, chickens, and others, especially herbivores, in urban and suburban gardens.

In addition, there was so much information to be shared about living with various wildlife, and creating a relaxing oasis in your own back yard.

Nature has so many healing elements for the mind, body and spirit.

Stephanie still works in the garden to strengthen and build the injuries she sustained, and loves every second of it.

It has given her strength, knowledge, and a passion to help others.

BFF’s phenomenal board consists of Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists, Habitat Stewards, landscape architects, biologists, social workers, and non-profit specialists.

The board is hands-on, always contributing their vast knowledge and time to growing the Brighter Future Foundation.

To date the Brighter Future Foundation has given away and planted over 16,500 trees.

BFF has taught school children how to plant native trees to provide food, shelter, and a place for wildlife to raise their young.

We’ve given countless seminars, power point presentations, and advice to government agencies, homeowners associations, clubs, and specialty groups.

BFF’s programs are always growing and expanding. We look forward to providing you with knowledge, inspiration, and passion to make positive changes and protect the environment we all live in.

Have a great day!